How To Begin Treatment

It can be a very difficult step to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol abuse disorder. Many people don’t want to admit to themselves or others that there is a problem present. At Lousinia Addiction Treatment Center we get many calls asking whether we think “xyz” means the call/caller’s loved one is in trouble.

Our response is usually that if you are looking into treatment options, it’s time to seek treatment.

Beginning treatment is easy, and we don’t want the process to scare anybody away from seeking treatment. We have outlined the steps for you below to help you get the help you need. Anybody can be sober, it just takes some work, and we are here to help you.

Where to start

The first step to getting treatment is to see or speak to one of our admissions counselors. They will be able to answer all of your questions and administer a questionnaire so we can get to know you and your needs. At this part in the process, you will need to be ready to get out your insurance information.

Registering for care

You will have provided your screener with information about your work schedule and needs and after we will process you through the system. We will see if you are a match for our services and assign you to the appropriate program.

It is very rare that we meet a client that we can’t help, but sometimes if there are more severe co-occurring disorders or addictions we have not dealt with, we may refer you to another center.

Paying for care

Once you have registered for your program and selected a start date, we will be able to accept your payment. We want treatment to be extremely accessible so we have set it up so that everybody can pay, even those without money.

We offer promise scholarships for those that have no insurance and prove that they want to see a change in their lives. You can contact our offices for more information on alternate payments.

At Huntsville Addiction Treatment we accept all insurances after you have registered you will be contacted to bill your insurance. While we do accept all insurances, different copays are depending on who you have. We can discuss all of the options with you upon registration.  We also offer payment plans if you need to pay in increments.