Plan your stay

If you are planning to attend our inpatient week- 30-day programs, there are a few things you will have to have in order before your stay. We want you to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible, below are some tips to help you with when the day comes.

Alert your workplace

Even if your inpatient stay is sudden and unexpected, perhaps you just found out about it, you would want to contact your employer. If you have already missed work today, or the last few days it’s important that you call your workplace to make sure they understand what is happening.

Every case is different. Some jobs will wish to terminate, in which case we can use some of your inpatient time to find you a new employer. Many jobs want someone to better him or herself and are open to reinstatement upon treatment.

Place children/animals in the care

Probably the most important thing you need to remember is to make sure all the things you are responsible are taken care of. If you have a child call your parents or friends to arrange care. We also offer childcare for an extra fee if there is an issue. We will work with you to figure it out.

You will also want to see who can watch your pets; you may have to hire a walker or someone to leave food out for your dog if you are not able to find a friend. We can help you contact kenneling services as well. We do all service dogs with proper paperwork.

Pack what you need

We have strict uniform policies at our Treatment Center to allow everyone to stay focused on what’s important. All you will need to bring with you is your preferred toiletries, extra blankets, socks, and underwear. We will provide you with your meals and clothing during your stay here.

We urge you not to bring any phones, laptops or any other electronics. These distract from the care here, and we want you to stay focused.

We allow books of a spiritual nature, such as the Koran, Bible, etc. While we don’t ban other books, we recommend you bring only what you absolutely need

Pay Bills

You will not have access to the Internet or phone, so it’s important that you take care of any bills that you can beforehand. If by chance there is something you forget, there is no reason to worry. We can assist you in getting your finances together.

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