Myths About Suboxone Treatment

Many myths are going around about different kinds of treatments. These myths cause people not to seek treatment or to have a stigma towards it. Here at Huntsville Addiction Treatment Center, we want you to have the right information.

One of the things that a lot of people say about Suboxone therapy is that it isn’t really recovery because the addict still has a drug. They think of it like a pacifier. We want to change this stereotype. Huntsville Addiction Treatment Center is certainly an advocate of Suboxone.

Some of the common myths we see about Suboxone are:

•    You can get high on Suboxone
•    It’s just as bad as other drugs
•    It’s expensive and a gateway drug
•    Only people that have a terrible detox need Suboxone
•    People will look down on you

Suboxone treatment at our facility is safe, effective, and private. We never share your prescriptions or information with anybody. If your employer drug tests and finds Suboxone we can supply proof of prescription for you.

We use Suboxone in our treatments to help with the everyday problems of opioid withdraw. We want to be able to work with the client while they are not having intense cravings that make it hard to focus on the information we are discussing.

Suboxone Treatment can help you in many ways if you are going through heroin or similar drug withdraws. The treatment will change the receptors in your brain to help you achieve normal levels of hunger, it will be easier to sleep, and you won’t get the common sick symptoms that are so commonly dreaded.

As said above some clients are really scared of this treatment because they feel like it is just changing one drug for another. We want you to know that the professionals at are centers have over 50 years of combined experience in Suboxone treatment and treatment of addiction. We don’t do anything in our programs that we have not tested and found to be extremely effective.

Do not believe the myths that Suboxone will lead you further away from your goal and that you need to quit cold turkey if you are really strong. We will help you decide on Suboxone treatment. Call any of the admissions advisors to schedule an appointment.

Our Suboxone is also not expensive as is commonly a myth. We offer it to you free of charge; remember we want you to be successful if you are willing to try.

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