How to prepare your loved ones for your rehab

Having to tell people they are in rehab is often said to be one of the top reasons that people don’t seek treatment. It can be an awkward conversation for both parties. If you are about to enter one of our programs here at Huntsville Addiction Treatment Center we want you to know how you can prepare your loved ones.

There are many different outcomes we see when our clients tell their loved ones about their plans to enter our programs. Sometimes it’s the case the loved one didn’t know there was an addiction present. There can be a lot of surprises, anger, hurt feelings, or sadness.

Our counselors are trained to help both you and your family/loved ones through the process of sobriety. We are here for you every step of the way.

Once you are registered and need to inform your loved ones, you can let us know if you need assistance with letting them know. We can set you up with a one on one appointment with a counselor or staff member. We have many strategies for fostering a productive conversation about addiction and treatment.

It’s essential that when you tell your loved ones, the conversation gets you a supportive network. You want to remain open and loving to their responses.

Tips for the conversation:

•    Do not get defensive
•    Explain how addiction is affecting you
•    Accept responsibility
•    Stay calm

Some clients come to us after telling their families and explain that they were kicked out because of unknown drug use. They feel angry and at us and addiction for causing this. We do not ever want anyone to feel this way.

Our solution is free sessions of open dialogue together where we help both parties get everything out. We explain to them the process of therapy.

We also offer families and loved ones with a chance to visit the office any day of the week, they just have to make an appointment first. While our groups are closed groups, they can still see where you are staying and what they can expect from you when you return.

Preparing your friends and family for your return

It’s also important to prepare your loved ones for your return. The last thing you want is your hard earned sobriety being tempted by a welcome home party with alcohol or friends offering you drugs.

Here are some tips you can give your loved ones for your return

•    Get rid of paraphernalia you find
•    No drugs/alcohol in the house
•    Try new activities together without drugs
•    Exercise more together
•    Don’t be afraid to ask questions

We know this can seem like a lot of preparation, but we are there for you each step of the way. You are not in this alone. The more prepared you and your families are, the more you will be able to get out of the program. Support networks are the best tools you have in recovery. If you have any trouble with preparations for your stay our staff will happily go over it with you.

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